The BitcoinPlus Network

BitcoinPlus operates on a purely peer-to-peer network, "The XBC Project" and the developers of BitcoinPlus have no power to disable the network or force changes on the network unless those changes are accepted by participants of the network. BitcoinPlus is not a business owned by anyone, it is an autonomous P2P network which will continue to operate on a global scale with or without "The XBC Project", dependent on active usage and global consensus among the entire XBC community.

Bitcoin Competitor

The XBC Project sees BitcoinPlus as a direct competitor to Bitcoin. BitcoinPlus is faster (10x faster block times) and users can easily choose whether to use TOR or not. It does not have the scaling issues Bitcoin has. The XBC Project are always looking at current trends especially those geared towards greated security and efficiency.

Community Driven

The XBC Project will always be guided by the XBC Community. The feelings of the XBC Community will be gauged using various methods including but not limited to the Roadmap Poll on this website, Bitcointalk Announcement Thread, Private Messages and Contact Form Emails.


The XBC Project is funded by the Sustainability Plan. This provides The XBC Project with funds to Support the XBC Network for many years to come.


The XBC Project sees its main priority at the moment as increasing User Adoption. This is not a short term project and increasing user adoption will take time. This will be done by a number of methods including but not limited to–

  • Frequent updates to the Bitcointalk Forum Thread
  • Frequent Website Updates – Blog Posts, Coin Specs etc
  • Frequent Social Media Updates – Facebook and Twitter
  • Frequent Wallet Updates for all Platforms – Windows, Linux, IOS, Android etc
  • Marketing Campaigns – Paid and non paid – Articles, Banners etc
  • Getting XBC on more Exchanges
  • Getting XBC accepted by more merchants on Coinpayments and Cointopay

Time Frames

What The XBC Project can achieve is entirely dependable on the XBC Price as the funds from the Sustainability Plan are received in XBC. There is no guarantee of a future XBC Price and the XBC Project will not gamble on the future XBC Price and over commit or over spend. There is therefore no guarantees of what can be achieved and in what time frame.