Yesterday the XBC Project learned that our fruitful relationship with Poloniex will soon be coming to an end. Bitcoinplus will be delisted from Poloniex on 25/09/2018. In their correspondance they do not actually provide a reason for the delisting nor will they provide one when asked. 

Their previous blog posts make it quite clear that since being taken over by Circle they have been auditing and vetting each and every coin on their platform. This we believe is in conjunction with local regulators at Poloniex Headquarters. 

In their previous blog post they provided an insight into what they look at when auditing a coin/token.

And in more detail -

Arguments can be made that XBC falls short in more than one catagory.

There is nothing that the XBC Project can do to change this.  

Long term Poloniex wishes to add Fiat Pairings or at least a Fiat backed token of their own. Before they can do this they need remove tokens such as XBC. The face no longer fits.

All XBC assets that Poloniex are currently in possession of will be passed to the XBC Project in the next 30 days. 

Our aim is to release RC1 of Segwit Enabled Bitcoinplus with Dandelion Network added in the next 2 weeks. Development continues. 

We are still actively trading on numerous other exchanges and will look to support these exchanges in the coming weeks as our new and updated wallet is released. 

Sep 19, 2018 By xbcadmin