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This article refers to an earlier BitcoinPlus Client 2.6.0. Messaging is not available in the latest BitcoinPlus Client of 2.7.0. This article will be removed once all users have updated to 2.7.0. 

In order to start using your new wallets messaging over heightened security features you will need to create a public key. 

Open your wallet and go to  Help>Debug>Console

In the box enter the following command:  smsgscanchain  and wait until wallet returns the response: Scan Chain Completed   

Then enter: smsggetpubkey "your receiving XBC address"      

Example if your address is : BLo8EAZzVsnGnvrb4i1GnHVv1bSMRemejp then the command would be 

smsggetpublickey BLo8EAZzVsnGnvrb4i1GnHVv1bSMRemejp 

A compressed public key will now be active on the network for this address and now you are ready for P2P messaging over the XBC network.

Oct 17, 2016 By xbcadmin