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On 25/10/2018 the latest BitcoinPlus Client 2.7.0 was released. This release contained several soft forks. The first soft fork was Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 65 (BIP65) which relates to CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY (CLTV). This has now been locked into the XBC Network. Learn about CLTV in more detail here

A soft fork is a backward compatible method of upgrading a blockchain. In other words, a soft fork is a software upgrade that is backward compatible with previous versions of the software. Previous Versions of the software may not be able to make use of the new features but will still be able to initially support the network. 

The network may reject blocks from those older clients once a certain percentage of newly mined blocks have signaled support for the soft fork. The change brought in by the soft fork will only activate if fixed criteria is met. 

The next soft fork on the XBC Network is BIP9 which relates to Segregated Witness BIP9. 

BIP9 relates to Segregated Witness and CHECKSEQUENCEVERIFY (CSV). For BIP9 once at least 75% of the last 20,160 blocks in the XBC Network is using Version 2.7.0, then the soft fork will activate. Once the network is at 95% of the last 20,160 blocks any block with a version less than 2.7.0 will be rejected.

Segregated Witness Explained 

Segregated Witness BIP9 Soft Fork features:

  • Elimination of unwanted transaction malleability
  • Capacity increase
  • Weighting data based on how it affects node performance
  • Signature covers value
  • Linear scaling of sighash operations
  • Increased security for multisig
  • More efficient almost-full-node security
  • Script versioning
Nov 14, 2018 By xbcadmin